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bandit n : an armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band [syn: brigand] [also: banditti (pl)]

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  1. one who robs others
  2. an outlaw
  3. one who cheats others


one who robs others
an outlaw
one who cheats others
  • Kurdish:



From Dutch bandiet


  1. bandit

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This is about the television program; Bandit as a general term refers to outlaw.
Bandit is a Welsh language music television show on S4C, produced by Boomerang. It includes, live performances, videos and interviews and is presented by Huw Stephens, Sarra Elgan, and Huw Evans. The program aims to raise the profile of Welsh language popular music but also includes music from Wales with lyrics in other languages (usually English).
Bandit also organizes several gigs each year and is considered to be S4C's flagship music show. Their multiple nomination for BAFTA Cymru awards each year demonstrates the programs appeal. One of their BAFTA's was won for 'Best title Sequence/Best motion graphics', the attention to detail has also been carried over to their website. Bandit have been nominated once again, for the 2008 awards, which will be announced on the 27 April.


bandit in Welsh: Bandit

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